• What necessary details do you need to be able to give us a quote?
    Please provide us with the following details:
    # Visuals – we need to see the artwork (a jpeg, pdf or png is ok at this stage)
    # Size – please inform us of the dimensions
    # Placement – where the print sits on the garment?
    # Quantity – how many would you like?
    # Colour changes – do you wish to change any ink colours?
    # Supply – do you require us to source your garments?
    You can email us directly; or use our website contact form
    Do you do design work?
    Not from scratch. Our art dept is for getting your design onto a garment. Visual PDFs can be created for you for a small fee.  Resizing, scanning and adding a bit of text can all be arranged with no problem (art charges may apply).
    How long will it take?
     Please allow 5 – 10 working days depending on the nature the work.
    What is the process?
    *Submit your artwork and specs to us
    *We will quote for you.
    *Accept the quote and pay the required deposit
    *We will do the work in the arranged timeframe
    *Payment of the remaining balance is made and we either ship to you or you can collect
    Can you supply us garments?
    For quality gear at wholesale pricing we recommend you check out these local suppliers here
    ** If you require a quote, please include the garment brand, style name & code in your request.
    Is there a minimum?
    No minimums. We are happy to quote any run size.
    How can we get the files to you?
    It is best to use a file delivery or cloud service such as Dropbox  to send the larger files, especially the Photoshop types.  Please compress using ZIP files or Stuffit.
    You are welcome to email directly files under 10mb
    Files can also be delivered in person on a memory stick to 9 West Moreland, Grey Lynn, Auckland.
  • How do you like the artwork?
    Vector art at print size from Illustrator is best (.ai /.eps /.pdf).
    • Photoshop at 300dpi please
    • Photos at a minimum of 180dpi
    • Line art needs to be created @ 300dp
    • No png / gif / word doc or jpegs @ 72dpi taken from the internet
    • Artwork at 100% print size
    • Please rasterize all FONTS.

    Print colours need to be specified as PMS numbers (Pantone Matching System) from the Solid Coated Book. You can view here

    What is the max print size?
    For production runs we have 3 sets of different size pallets to accomodate various sized garments.  The art boards for you designer to work within are;
    Kids 240 x 380
    Adult 365 x 520
    Oversize 450 x 600
    We do have capacity to go a little bigger for some 1 colour work, especially if it is waterbased.  It is best to contact us in relation to this.
    What ink types do you use?

    For fabric printing we use either plastisol or waterbased ink systems.

    Do I own the screen?

    The screens remain the property of Karousel Screenprinting. Your image on the screen is maintained for you to reuse in future, but reclaimed after 3 months inactivity.

    Do you do one offs?
    We can but it will be fairly expensive as you will need a piece of film & a screen for each colour, and then it needs to be printed.

    For better economy you might consider at least 10-20. Please refer to Pricing FAQ’s

    Can I bring in my screen?
    We prefer to use ours as they will be suited to our specifications. We are prepared to use existing screens if they pass the test.  They need to be clean and in good order.  They need to have a suitable mesh for the ink system required.
    Can I see a sample first?
    Best practice is to have your designer or Karousel Screenprinting make a visual proof of the design at a suitable scale as a PDF or Jpeg with print size stated in mm and PMS colour choices indicated for inks.
    Please refer to (ART SPECS) for more.
    If you rerquire a printed sample this can be arranged.
    Please be aware that to get to this stage a significant amount of work will have been done already and charges will apply.
    You can visit the workshop to view a sample or it can be couried out to you.
    Do you print paper?
    We have a limited service for this as we only carry a very limited ink system for this. Typically we do 1 colour black on paper bags or up to A2 art prints. This is a hand done process, we are not a copy centre.
    Do you do digital printing?

    No. Digital printing has its place, just not around here.

    Do you print fabric?
    Not by the roll. We can print your cut lengths, these would be limited to around 450 wide x 600 high
    Can I print photos, drawings or sketches?
     Yes, yes and yes.  Please get in touch for more info on the best way to approach this.
    Do you do sports numbers?
    We have a set of screens made up from 1 – 20.  They are one size and solid. Font = CollegeBlack @ 180mm High.
  • What are the costs?

    ** Please note these are indicative only, we need to see the finished artwork to quote accurately.

    The infomation below is provided to help you estimate costs.

    For each colour of each design you will need 1 x Screen + 1 x Film

    Screens @ 30.00 ea

    Film (1 of these sizes)

    A5 @ 12.00 ea

    A4 @ 20.00 ea

    A3 @ 25.00 ea

    These are one off costs, the image will be kept on screen for the duration you require, however if 3 months passes without use, the screen will be reclaimed.

    When it comes to printing we charge a set up fee then a unit cost for each print. *It is the unit cost that we will not quote until art is sighted.

    Set up to print = 16.00 per screen involved

    Change Ink Colour (per screen per colour) = 10.00 ea

    Here are some guidelines for the usual unit cost:
    1 colour 1.90 / 2.80 ea 2 colour 2.65 / 3.30 ea 3 colour 3.25 / 4.00 ea 4 colour 3.50 / 5.005 colour 3.90 / 5.506 colour 4.20 / 5.80

    Discounts can be applied to these amounts for bulk.

    Extra charges may occur for Large prints, Mettalics, Hoods, Pallet changes.

    We can do up to six colours.

    What are the payment terms?

    Standard Payment terms are 30% Deposit to get underway with balance payable prior to or upon completion at pickup or prior to delivery.

    7 Day invoices for Ltd Companies by arrangement.

    How do we pay?

    All invoices are issued with Bank Account details for direct debit or Eftpos is available. Credit Card facilities avail in person only, 2% additional charge for bank fees.



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